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The distance between us

Pratiksha Routray

Story about:betrayal, heartbreak, lovehate

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Ongoing: 20 Sep 162 pages

Publication: 10.08.2020 — ...

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Description of book "The distance between us "

There is a girl whose main focus was always to impress her mother but how much hard is work she was never able to impress her mom her mom is a conservative person and never appreciates her work.
she had a brother whom she loves more than her life and her brother also love her for him she is his little sister
In school she had a crush on a guy who always ignored her for him she was a bookworm .
After many years they meet again but i different circumstances she is now a beautiful and hardworking doctor while he is a ruthless businessman. The love that she had for him blossom again but does he feel the same for her or will he use her and break her heart

will she be able to overcome all the heartbreak and move on in her life???
or the guy will realize his mistake??
let's read these story

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Amulya Vasan 04.09.2020, 14:35:11

pls update "the great writer"

Abhilasha Singh 02.09.2020, 20:42:55

is the chapter 19 was required?

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Pratiksha Routray 03.09.2020, 09:08:24

Abhilasha Singh, yes

Manasi Khamkar 31.08.2020, 20:18:14

who is Prachi then?? when the main lead is Ananya....

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Manasi Khamkar 01.09.2020, 07:44:45

Pratiksha Routray , oh ok...

Abhilasha Singh 30.08.2020, 20:34:11

story sounds good but there r lots of typing mistakes which breaks the flow

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Pratiksha Routray 31.08.2020, 08:03:03

Abhilasha Singh, i will try to keep that in my mind while writing the story. Thanks for your feedback

Neha Garg 26.08.2020, 14:18:50


Neha Garg 26.08.2020, 13:38:42

Gracie Ella leonard 13.08.2020, 19:34:21

amazing story dear, please follow me back and check out my new book titled the blessing in disguise or add up in your library for updates,thanks❤❤⭐

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Gracie Ella leonard 13.08.2020, 22:22:28

Pratiksha Routray , uwc

IxoraRosada 11.08.2020, 23:14:41

nice book.❤

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Pratiksha Routray 12.08.2020, 06:52:04

IxoraRosada, thanks a lot

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