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The Don's Kitten

November ORiley

Story about:love, romance, mafia

Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "The Don's Kitten"

Domenico DeMarco was not looking forward to settle down.

Being a Don, he had certain duties to tend to, certain position to uphold. A women in this havoc that was his life was out of question.

Here comes Sophie. Born and brought up in a whore house where men demand to be treated like Gods whereas women are treated as filth.

Sophie being abused and hurt over and over, has a traumatic experience of life, being alone and scared she has completely shut down her adulthood taking shelter in the immature part of her head.

To her life was darkness, it was her constant companion.

When Domenico DeMarco finds Sophie. His whole world shifts.

With her doe brown eyes, her innocence, her fear, he starts to loose. Loose his sanity.

And in his world there is only one other being. Sophie.

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