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Book. "The Dragon's Daughter" read online

The Dragon's Daughter

A A Mann

Story about:magic, dragons, finding out ones true self

Age restriction: 18+

5 53

#48 in Epic fantasy
#127 in Supernaturals

Ongoing: 24 Jan 29 pages

Publication: 11.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Dragon's Daughter"

Abandoned as a baby due to being touched by magic, Aelia is adopted by Arianell, a silver dragon who has been cast aside from society, along with the other magic wielders known as the Fae. The young woman learns to control her natural magic abilities over the years, but when an untimely attack on both her and her mother, Aelia is forced to live as a normal human and learns what truly happened to her as an infant.


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