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The Dragonskin Chronicles Book 1

Tony Spencer

Story about:elves, elven romance, dwarves

8 64

#167 in Romantic fantasy
#18 in Action fantasy

Complete 42 pages

Publication: 22.04.2022 — 22.04.2022

Description of book "The Dragonskin Chronicles Book 1"

Lord Korwyn had banished himself from his own lands, ashamed to be the only survivor of his father’s Militia following the tragic Battle of Hawkshart Plain and the terrible attack of the Black Dragon, Korwyn had tracked down the dragon, killed him in his lair and now wore the tanned dragon skin as he became a soldier of fortune and unwilling to go home. Now he was hired to rescue a Dwarf Princess from the clutches of flesh-eating Orcs and meets up with an Elf who also seeks to free the Princess. Korwyn dreams his alter-ego, Clive, who inhabits a gentle world of families, air travel and appliances powered by wall sockets, or is it Clive that imagines Korwyn’s world?


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Jennifer Zeigler
22.04.2022, 21:43:55

This story is so awesome. It is like watching a very good fantasy action movie. I am looking forward to read more. Thanks author for writing this beautifully written story ❤️

Vina Arie
22.04.2022, 02:15:44

Just exactly what I need. Thank you for writing this, sir :)

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