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The Fake Witch Saving The Cursed Crown Prince

Lois Arianne Barrozo

Story about:male witch in love with a human girl, witch prince, romance love

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#566 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 13 Apr 50 pages

Publication: 02.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Fake Witch Saving The Cursed Crown Prince"

Valamiere, an ordinary human being despite being a daughter of a powerful witch, relies solely on her mother's magic essence earning her the title of "Fake Witch", a human parading as a witch.
During her time, there's legend about a Cursed Crown Prince who has enormous magic essence just like Valamiere's mother.
On one unlikely day, Valamiere and her mother had to set sail to the Cursed Island of the Cursed Crown Prince. After meeting the Cursed Crown Prince, her whole life turns upside down. Discovering a truth about the past, discovering new relationship, and seeing a new path in her life opens up for her.
Will she uncover the truth about who she really is? Was meeting the Cursed Crown Prince a disaster or a blessing?
Was falling in love and choosing her own path was worth it?


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Prncss Sophie
19.05.2021, 09:49:19

Hyy author plz update!!!

Prncss Sophie
06.05.2021, 06:11:04

Plz update author!!
Its been 3 weeks of waiting!!!

Prncss Sophie
13.04.2021, 07:13:28

Ohh!! So curious to knw what hppn next:)

Prncss Sophie
10.04.2021, 07:41:27

Hyy author plz update!!

Prncss Sophie
11.04.2021, 05:44:11

Lois Arianne Barrozo, Ok thnk u!!

Marian Meciar
05.04.2021, 15:41:26

This title and story is giving me the feel of webnovel? Is this going to be like a webnovel format?

Lois Arianne Barrozo
06.04.2021, 02:57:26

Marian Meciar, Thanks for enjoying my story :)

Prncss Sophie
04.04.2021, 10:47:52

Comment has been deleted

Prncss Sophie
03.04.2021, 05:53:29


Prncss Sophie
04.04.2021, 06:33:13

Lois Arianne Barrozo, Thank you author!