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The Fall

Brad Emshwiller

Story about:life and loss

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Publication: 06.08.2019 — 07.08.2019

Description of book "The Fall"

Bennet ruminates on recent loss and reflects on the seasons of his life. Searching for closure in familiar acts and relics.

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Ryo Francis 13.11.2019, 13:39:10

I'm a guy so i tried so hard not to cry but i lost & you win - coz u write so gud :)

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Brad Emshwiller 14.11.2019, 01:25:56

Lol. Victory is mine!

Brad Emshwiller 07.08.2019, 11:10:11

Thank you both.

Roza Csergo 07.08.2019, 11:03:45

Well, this is a brilliant story, full with emotion. My tears crept out at the same time as Bennett's. Sad... yes, but truly emotional and we'll written.

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Roza Csergo 07.08.2019, 11:05:33

*well written. I blame the autocorrect on my phone LoL

Celeste I. 07.08.2019, 04:56:26

Geez, this was depressing, this is a way to know that nothing lasts forever, spend as time with your loved ones if you can, cause you never know what you have until it's gone...

I didn't know much about the two, but I wasn't expecting it to hit me this hard. It reminds me of the times I can spend with my loved ones (my family), and how heartbreaking it'll be when I'm apart from them :(

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