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The Famous Idol is In Love To A Vampire

Raven Heart

Story about:idol love, vampire human romance, vampires revenge

Age restriction: 18+

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#3966 in Romance
#1224 in Fantasy

Complete 155 pages

Publication: 15.03.2021 — 30.04.2021

Description of book "The Famous Idol is In Love To A Vampire"

She grabs his shirt and lifted him.
“Your naïve. I killed her brother and she approach you because she knows that I’m targeting you for my agency. Humans are weak and easily be fooled.”
“No! She’s lying right, Raven? Tell me the truth!”
“I’m sorry…Stephen. I use you to make sure that I’ll have my revenge on her.”
“What?! So, all this time…how can you do this to me, huh?! I fell in love to a vampire? All of the things you have showed…are they also fake?”
“Yes. They’re all fake. How can I fall in love to a human? You’ll get old and the likes of you are just food to us.”
“You hear that? How pathetic that you believe her.”
“Shut up! My mother, the people around me, if you hurt them—”
“Them? Guess.”
“I’ll kill you! All of you!”-he shouted and kick Olivia’s face and release himself.


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O.J Ebubeoha
13.04.2021, 11:44:39

Very nice description you have there Raven. Kudos

Raven Heart
14.04.2021, 06:02:48

Miss J, Thabk you. I hope you'll enjoy reading them. Have a nice day.

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