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Book. "The Final Testament (plane 95)" read online

The Final Testament (plane 95)

A story for everyone

Series: Life

Story about:reflection, oppression

5 258

#83 in Science fiction
#293 in Others

Complete 16 pages

Publication: 27.07.2022 — 15.08.2022

Description of book "The Final Testament (plane 95)"

The story that is about to be told is one of sadness, many people wish to make the world a better place. However, many of those people lose sight of the task, the very idea can corrupt a replacing the light of their intensions with darkness. Within this story is a man who wanted to make the world, but quickly lose sight of his goal. He left this behind, because he knew he had a responsibility to pass his story onto the future generation, so that other would not be repeated.


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