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Book. "The Forgotten Mafia Princess" read online

The Forgotten Mafia Princess

Marie Pratt

Story about:mafia family, strong woman, bad boy

Age restriction: 18+

192 2484

#219 in Romance
#2 in Crime fiction

Ongoing: 07 Dec 83 pages

Publication: 09.11.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Forgotten Mafia Princess"

A war breaks out between the Mafia families and in an effort to keep his family safe, Don Salvatore Nero sends his pregnant wife Francesca to Barcelona, Spain. Salvatore is killed shortly after his wife lands in Spain leaving his best friend and right-hand man Antonio Bruciare the new Don or Capo of La Famiglia Nero mafia. For years Antonio along with other mafia families searched for Francesca to no avail. The other mafia families assumed she died while trying to flee thus ending the Nero family bloodline. Still, Antonio continued to search every year for 20 years until he started to give up. Will Francesca come back as promised or will she stay hidden until she and her child are long forgotten?


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Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin
04.12.2022, 16:08:23

Apparently a mafia war is brewing with suspense.

Bel Espada
03.12.2022, 08:32:28

Update please.

Bel Espada
22.11.2022, 10:33:38

Team Alessandro here. Lol.

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor
21.11.2022, 09:21:20

please not with Pablo at least hahahaah maybe some hottie italian-american guy......thank you for the update author ;-))

19.11.2022, 16:43:37

Its different....otherwise...head is a male most of the times

fiza iddin
19.11.2022, 04:37:28

I'm addicted to this.

Marie Pratt
19.11.2022, 13:49:47

fiza iddin, I know right!

Remilekun Fashola
17.11.2022, 13:38:58

Amazing story

Marie Pratt
17.11.2022, 13:23:20

Remilekun Fashola, Thank you!

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor
17.11.2022, 13:40:56

An amazing story something new for me....waiting for more updates thank you author;-))

Marie Pratt
17.11.2022, 13:23:08

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor, Thank you! An update will be posted in the coming days.

09.11.2022, 10:23:06

This is an intriguing plot with a very good start. Keep it up..!

Marie Pratt
09.11.2022, 14:46:40

Thank you!

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