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The Game Of Love

Miss Tanya

Story about:complicated love, drama and trauma, fate and tragedy

Age restriction: 18+

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#964 in Contemporary Romance
#300 in Inspiration romance

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Publication: 12.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Game Of Love"

Fate seems to be playing them around when Celeen needs to take up the blame of Leina's death to save Mandy.

In exchange of these, she needs to accept all the consequences of the blame including Alvin's fury, her ex-fiance, and the only man she loves.

But there's more she needs to take.

Alvin wants to marry her for the second time around just three months later after Leina's death.

What could be his motive?

Marry her and get revenge?

Or he really falls for her because he sees Leina in her?

Either of the two, Celeen knows that in the end, she'll be left broken.

[An Adult Novel about love]

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Ladashia Mabhina
25.10.2020, 18:22:33


Miss Tanya
25.10.2020, 18:34:09

Ladashia Mabhina, Thank you for your interest. I'm really encouraged to write for more, hope you come with the journey of the novel. Thank you from the heart! (winks*)

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