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The Ghost at the Hotel


Series: Miss Reilly's Murder Mysteries

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detective, mystery


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#10 in Crime fiction
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Complete 15 pages

Publication: 02.12.2018 — 12.12.2018

Description of book "The Ghost at the Hotel"

The ghost at the Greenway Hotel.
Victorian era. Ghosts, murders, traditional tea meeting at five o’clock.
Miss Margaret Reilly unexpectedly finds herself at the center of events: a ghost, a werewolf, a robbery at the Greenway Castle Hotel. Jewelry and gold sovereigns worth fifty thousand pounds are stolen. And all this happened at the Greenway Castle Hotel.

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Diane Kasperski 17.06.2020, 23:25:53

The story was OK but the grammar made it difficult to get through. Maybe better proof reading?

Vijay Kerji 25.11.2019, 07:50:17

I like the story!

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Крися 25.11.2019, 12:23:44

Vijay Kerji, I am glad to hear this :)

Крися 24.11.2019, 09:03:22

AnnaRCase, Big thanks :)

Ryo Francis 09.11.2019, 02:36:21

U r really good at writing mystery :)

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Крися 09.11.2019, 08:31:35

Ryo Francis, Big thanks :)

Celeste I. 17.09.2019, 07:33:57

Well, that was certainly interesting. I liked the build-up, and you weren't sure what's going on or who was responsible. I liked that the inspector and police weren't useless in this story, and helped the lead (Reily I think) out on solving the case. Reily was also pretty interesting for a lead and detective as well, interrogating and not believing things until she has more proof. I like that.

However, this was ridiculously short and rushed. There were lots of talking and exposition, not many descriptions, and we don't know much about the characters or the mystery. I can also tell English isn't your first language, but for trying to translate it, you did. Ta fine job there.

It was a pleasant read in spite of all that, though. Good job.

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Celeste I. 18.09.2019, 10:17:23

Крися, Thanks, I might check it out when I have the time in the future

Aehra Tayyaba 06.03.2019, 13:36:36


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Крися 06.03.2019, 20:38:32

Aehra Tayyaba, Big thanks

Asha Kumar 12.01.2019, 22:28:20


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Крися 13.01.2019, 09:56:14

Asha Kumar, Thanks :)

Tasha Nickolson 21.12.2018, 16:32:46

wow, you made it feel so real

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Крися 21.12.2018, 20:37:48

Tasha Nickolson, Big thanks :)

Jessica Walker 07.12.2018, 11:28:43

don´t you divide it into chapters?

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Крися 07.12.2018, 12:36:12

Jessica Walker, It is a short story. Thanks for your reading

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