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The good girl's upgrade.


Story about:revenge, love and drama, girlpower

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Ongoing: 09 Apr 20 pages

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Description of book "The good girl's upgrade. "

Skylar is a normal average girl, who sees the best in every thing and everyone.

But all these change when she finds out her prince charming have been cheating on her with her best friend. No, they didn't feel remorseful about it even when she caught them in the act.

She wants just one thing.

To make them feel what she felt.

Witt the help of her new roommate who she doesn't get along with, she is willing to risk every thing for revenge.

Even if it's love?

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Tabitha Mutashi 09.04.2021, 16:25:07

Nice story

Prncss Sophie 09.04.2021, 15:23:43

The song is from barbie secret door!!
LoL even im a fan of barbie;)

Prncss Sophie 09.04.2021, 03:41:44

Hyy author plz update...!

Prncss Sophie 07.04.2021, 06:36:48

Hyy author ur story seems interesting....
Liked it!!

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