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The Guilty Mind

Jessica v

Story about:mystery, suspense crime, crime thriller

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Publication: 17.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Guilty Mind"

“You my pretty girl is going to pay for whatever you have done to me, I loved you but you never really accepted me and kept me like your secret toy playing around with my feelings”
“What are you saying?”, she tries to keep moving away and keeps stepping back, “I did not do anything I loved you too, why .why don’t we sit and discuss it rather than jumping into any wrong conclusions” her stuttering continues “Sorry pretty girl, I gave into you enough, so it’s time to say good bye now”.
“But… he never lets her complete and smacks the hammer across her head”. BANG!!
Alexander Knight a 29-year-old Central Bureau investigating officer is set on a murder case that’s been cleverly done, and he is on his way towards settling down in life will he be able to manage love or will this case take it

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