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The Heart of the Dragon


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Publication: 27.07.2019 — 05.08.2019

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When Angela Brighton is offered an opportunity of a lifetime to travel to an island with her friends and a wealthy explorer and his son, she accepts and can't help but wonder what adventures she'll have. But when their private jet crashes onto a mysterious island that isn't their destination, all feel that hope is lost while fearing on what roams the island. That is until Angie makes an extraordinary discovery when she meets a creature named Hayden, a hybrid of a young guy and a dragon, who introduces her to the hidden island of dragons and hybrids.
But with dilemmas getting in their way to prevent them from being together, they know they will have to fight not only for their love but for the sake of everyone's lives, including the dragons.

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Beky Tsr 05.03.2021, 13:15:33

i hope there is a second book with this story..... please...

Beky Tsr 05.03.2021, 13:15:01

the strory is amazing. one of the best. i feel very happy that i read it. thank you for your amazing story. so heart touching.

Celeste I. 24.01.2020, 08:25:55

What a charming story here. It's got an intriguing premise behind it and does a good job of taking advantage of it. The beginning does a good job establishing the main characters and their dynamics early on before the main plot started. The suspense when they got on the island also was intense and exciting.

The world-building was fascinating, as we got time dedicated to humans spending time with the hybrids and dragons. It's nice we learn lots of different stuff about the race, some of them come into play at the climax. (Even though some of the dialogue and exposition is too thick) Angie and Hayden seem to fall for each other too quickly, though I appreciate that they care for one another and like each other a lot. Their consent scenes are cute.

I like the friendship between the different characters and how diverse they all are. Sadly, everyone is practically undeveloped, and the villains straight up aren't good. The climax was gripping, and the ending was sweet~

Although I would've liked to see more of the epilogue, it did end on a charming note, good story overall :)

John Maton 16.08.2019, 10:27:17

good attempt,
needs alot of editing, also needs less stating the obvious.
once dragons and hybrids were introduced, there was no need repeating it all the time.

The last comment in the thread:

HappilyEverAfter19 16.08.2019, 19:29:45

John Maton, Okay, thanks for the feedback

Cathy Evans 05.08.2019, 04:12:29

Is this story based on something?

The last comment in the thread:

HappilyEverAfter19 05.08.2019, 04:19:30

Cathy Evans, I did base most of it off of Tarzan

Alexis Danford 04.08.2019, 19:17:41

she´s been watching you

Kim Miller 02.08.2019, 17:35:56

sleep well, you need powers

Anamel Aleta 01.08.2019, 22:33:55

the prologue is really fascinating, I'll probably come back to read when I'm more focused

Mike Two 01.08.2019, 21:01:13

cool story, I´m waiting for it to be continued

Douglass Millsap 31.07.2019, 15:17:06

I see this idea to be very new, about hybrids

Roza Csergo 28.07.2019, 20:52:13

I enjoy your style and absolutely love the updates.

Andy Rose 28.07.2019, 20:22:55

fabulous, keep it up

Roza Csergo 28.07.2019, 00:01:25

Such a gripping start. I'm hooked.

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