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The Heavenly Throne

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wuxia, martial arts, cultivation


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Description of book "The Heavenly Throne"

As one of the hit novels of the new wave of Russian LitRPG novels, Heavenly Throne follows one of the greatest underground fighters of the 2010s, who has found himself in a world much different than his own. He had thought that he had nothing more to lose, but fate is a fickle and cruel mistress.
Now, he must fight for his place in this new world as he advances on the path of martial arts and force cultivation.
The winner of the Russian National Wuxia Contest, Heavenly Throne provides readers with a refreshing take on cultivation stories.

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Lewis Ducote 12.03.2020, 16:07:53

I read Dan Sugralinov's LitRPG on Litnet. It was really dope. Do you know him?

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Lit Orange 13.03.2020, 21:57:39

Lewis Ducote, Yes, he is a pretty famous Russian author. But not in person =)

Christiane Knobel 10.03.2020, 17:27:40

Plz continue

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Lit Orange 10.03.2020, 17:58:22

Christiane Knobel, I'm strongly convinced that I'll keep writing.
Thank you very much!

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