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The Highest Summit


Story about:romance, teenagers, ptsd

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Publication: 05.02.2019 — 05.02.2019

Description of book "The Highest Summit"

Bobbi is an enthusiastic mountaineer who loves the outdoors more than anything. But just before she turns sixteen she decides to climb one of the most difficult mountains there is. The experience is a game changer and she returns home to her family where she has to deal with the aftermath of what happened on the mountain, as well as trying to fit into the high school world drama that is her life now.
She is socially awkward and a bit of a freak, but at the same time everyone wants to know the new girl. She falls in love with the school's hottest guy, Sam, at least in her opinion, and to her surprise the feeling is mutual.

Mature for language and some sexual scenes.
Copyright © 2015 Christina Wind. All rights reserved.

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Sharon Brooke 25.02.2019, 11:28:18

I've enjoyed it

Amara Kent 18.02.2019, 12:25:51

this hobby is very dangerous

John Mitchell 15.02.2019, 15:34:03

it was nice to read it

Tiffany Kole 14.02.2019, 13:01:43

you can always start from the beginning if you want

Kelli Callahan 11.02.2019, 14:12:45

I like its development

Kessily Brunet 10.02.2019, 16:20:40

great and unusual

Grace 09.02.2019, 15:33:59

very nice, congrats

Loreal Farmer 08.02.2019, 21:07:54

interesting from the beginning till the end

Kerry Ward 07.02.2019, 18:31:34

Hope to finish it soon, cannot stop

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