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The Honest Men

Benn. C

Story about:humor, adventures, mafia romance crime

Age restriction: 18+

18 103

#897 in Romantic suspense
#228 in Humor

On Hold: 19 Mar 33 pages

Publication: 28.06.2019 — ...

Description of book "The Honest Men"

Zanny Deed is a young adult, drowning herself in work, wild nights and meaningless relationships to avoid inevitable heartbreak from the dark memories of her past. But a set of blue eyes not only has her entranced, but utterly speechless; every morning the stranger walks into the café and orders a café con leche.
One night delves her deeper into his dangerous world of organized crime than his bed which not only reminds her of the past she's worked so hard to forget, but creates a strange and some days soothing relationship between them.
The man is infuriating, daring and too confident for his own good but there's just something about café con leche that Zanny can't get enough of.


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