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Book. "The House of the Wilsons" read online

The House of the Wilsons


Story about:mysticism

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#105 in Suspense
#228 in Mystery

Sample 55 pages

Publication: 11.08.2022 — ...

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Description of book "The House of the Wilsons"

There have been rumors in the Wilson's house that the sick-in-bed chairman has a mysterious son outside the family, born to take over the affairs and rule the house. No one wanted to believe and accept the fact that a bastard will just come from no where to rule the house affairs he knows nothing about. Are they eventually going to accept him or send him out of the house? Who's this mysterious man and why should he take over the house of the Wilsons?


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Arundhati Sengupta
21.08.2022, 13:30:34

Quite confusing, with all the wilfreds and Wilburs and such a huge family !!!!

21.08.2022, 17:45:47

Arundhati Sengupta, They are quite much in the family, and it's part of the mystery. But I'll try to make it more understandable, thanks for the comment.

Glincy Varghese
16.08.2022, 20:56:30

really mysterious. I think Cheryl is innocent.

18.08.2022, 18:01:48

Glincy Varghese, Thanks for the comment. Just keep reading to know if Cheryl is actually innocent.

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