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Book. "The inheritance " read online

The inheritance

Juliet mafi

Story about:fame wealth love jealousy and betrayal

Age restriction: 18+

20 1512

#292 in Inspiration romance
#6143 in Romance

On Hold: 02 Feb 197 pages

Publication: 11.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "The inheritance "

.. You have no brains, you have no talent, you are useless like your mother this is what Bella hears from her adopted mother for the past seventeen years of her life.

Bella wisdom a nineteen years old lady who trys to survive in a world where she felt had no place for an orphan like herself. After two years of trying to get into college to become a lawyer Bella find a new part to become a writer but first she will need to get admitted into Mount Wing where only the very talented and wealthy students are welcome.
The new part opens a new world of opportunities but challenges for her as she trys to find her new happiness.


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Justina Akinwale
02.02.2021, 21:26:08

Awwww, missing the story when is the next one coming reply enjoy the book do you have any other book on the net? Have a great dau

Juliet mafi
02.02.2021, 20:34:57

Justina Akinwale, Thank you for the feedback the next part will start next week.

Oluwatola Louis Shaka
17.12.2020, 12:04:27

Nice one✊✊✊

Juliet mafi
17.12.2020, 12:30:30

Oluwatola Louis Shaka, Thank you so much for the support

Oseihannon Isibor
14.12.2020, 14:03:29

I have only read the first chapter and am loving it already

Emmanuel Abayomi
14.12.2020, 09:08:19

Lovely story n so inspiring......

henshaw bassey
12.12.2020, 18:01:51

Lovely never knew you are a gifted writer keep it up

Juliet mafi
12.12.2020, 20:05:12

henshaw bassey, Thank you so much for the support

Betty Imafidor
12.12.2020, 17:25:01

I can't wait to see how Bella would summount her challenges in the cruel world she was born to live.
Awsome story!!
It's quite intriguing

Juliet mafi
12.12.2020, 16:44:35

Betty Imafidor, Thank you so much for reading and your support.

Tina Taribio
12.12.2020, 16:49:03

Lovely story waiting for the next chapter

Juliet mafi
12.12.2020, 16:04:06

Tina Taribio, Thank you so much for your support

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