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The Lady Boss' Proposal

Queen Of Disaster

Story about:love, billionaire, romance.

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Ongoing: 11 Oct 34 pages

Publication: 06.10.2020 — ...
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Description of book "The Lady Boss' Proposal"

Shantal Dawn Myers has all what it takes to be the next CEO. She is intelligent, competetive, drivenㅡ name it, she has it. She’s the definition of a strong, independent woman.

Despite being a billionaire, she works hard to get what she wants, even if she could get anything and everything in a snap.

Being the eldest daughter, she is confident that she is the heiress of their company. Until something unexpected happened; her father came up with a qualification that she surprisingly doesn’t have: a spouse.

Not only Dawn had long lost interest about love, she also has to compete with her siblings. Much to her luck, it is a tough competition. She also has a son to consider, whom she raised by herself.

Knowing Dawn, she’ll do whatever it takes to get what’s hers. Be it by hook or by crook.

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Tonia Mana 22.11.2020, 22:00:44

When are you going to continue writting it

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