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On Hold: 20 Jul 15 pages

Publication: 03.03.2021 — ...

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Description of book "The Lamb"

Lily had to shoulder the responsibilities of the clan at a young age. Being the guardian,she was meant to protect her people from the wolves that were ready to devour them.Then,he came and sweeps her off her feet with simple act of gentleman gesture. He paved her a way out of her distress. Forsaking her clan,she took off with him.Sad with little care,she had choosen him and watch as her clan slowly goes into extinct. She had fallen miserably and he wasn't there to catch her. Their love was toxic,she could care less as long as he was by her side. She didn't mind the destructions she helped him created,not until her life was endangered by him. Lost and heartbroken,she lives in isolation and resentment vowing not to ever use her power again.Then came strangers offering her a way to redemption


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