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The Land of the Unknown

Celeste I.

Story about:survival, adventure, dinosaurs

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#115 in Action & Adventures
#133 in Action fantasy

Complete 236 pages

Publication: 16.11.2019 — 25.04.2020

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Description of book "The Land of the Unknown"

A school field trip gone wrong, two friends, Tommy and Antonio, come across an underground laboratory while exploring and sneaking into the caverns at night. After a bit of scuffle with another intruder, a girl named Maggie, the three activated a portal, which sucked them right in.

When the trio got out, they found themselves trapped in another world, unlike their own. This strange new world contained much dangerous stuff that they have to be careful of, such as Dinosaurs, elemental hazards, different realms to explore.

Tommy, Antonio, and Maggie must work together to try to stay alive and find a way out as soon as possible. They'll need to survive the dangers and figure out who to trust in this new world, including each other.


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Olivia Gordon Reid
30.06.2020, 22:39:28

Hey, Celeste!
It's Olivia.
So I finally got around to reading your story.
It's great.
I am hooked.
I can't wait to finish this.
This is awesome! No wonder it's number one in action fantasy!
Oh, and thanks for all the help on my stories. You were very helpful!

Celeste I.
01.07.2020, 01:09:14

Olivia Gordon Reid, Thank you Olivia, and of course I'll find time to check them out~

Adaure Kingsley
23.06.2020, 03:38:53

Interesting and the fact that it's full of suspense makes it more intriguing. Good job

Celeste I.
23.06.2020, 05:16:32

Adaure Kingsley, Thanks so much, glad to hear that~

King Bamidele Leonard Olotu
05.03.2020, 11:24:54

nice but I hope it doesn't end there because I know it can't end like that. interesting and full of suspense at some point. please continue it soon, thanks.

King Bamidele Leonard Olotu
18.03.2020, 09:32:31

Celeste I., sure am definitely thinking about it. I will need some motivation though. thanks for suggestion and encouragements because I know writing a book is not easy.

Andy Rose
12.01.2020, 14:36:43

I would love to use a portal some day

Celeste I.
11.02.2020, 08:11:31

Andy Rose, I'm curious as to what you want to use a portal for...

Ryo Francis
18.01.2020, 09:02:07

Just finished episode9 :)

You really have a knack for writing wacky adventure stories.

Love your humor and dialogues between your 3 leads - and dinosaurs that can understand english

Celeste I.
02.02.2020, 06:51:11

Ryo Francis, Thank you so much for the detailed review! I don't usually pay attention to how long a chapter is, but I'll try and keep that suggestion in mind~

29.01.2020, 02:13:10

Like this story! Very interesting and fun to read

Celeste I.
29.01.2020, 00:35:34

Izzy, Thank you, glad you like it and find it fun and interesting~

26.01.2020, 14:08:02

Alright, took me a hot sec, but I got a good chunk of the way in. I’ll finish up in the coming week.

So, some notes: First, the good stuff. I love the vide I’m getting from this story. It feels like a Saturday morning cartoon where we have likable characters going on a fun adventures because why not. There’s little wait between main character introductions and the start of the adventure itself, and the idea of creating a portal to another world always leaves the writer with endless possibilities. I look forward to see where this goes.

Other notes: I would like to see more characters’ emotions being described or shown through their actions. While I like the fast pace, it is a lot of “character goes here and does a thing with another character.” What are they feeling? Thinking? How do they see other people? Also, semicolons aren’t needed. Those can easily be replaced with periods. The character introductions are one sentence too long. Some advice I heard was to introduce the name and one important physical feature then introduce other features (physical or behavioral) through speech or character interaction thereafter. Their little quirks, basically.

Hope that was helpful =)

Celeste I.
26.01.2020, 21:05:01

SavannahGeorgia, I never thought of it like that before, the details and actions as the characters speak anyway. I'm not good at certain aspects when it comes to writing. (I'm worse at character and location description) I'll see if I can improve that style of craft. Thanks for the comment and review, I'll keep that in mind~!

John Mitchell
25.01.2020, 09:26:12

nice to read you, always waiting for more

Celeste I.
25.01.2020, 20:12:28

John Mitchell, Glad to hear that! Hope you look forward to more, and thanks~

25.01.2020, 13:34:31

ohhh yas! This is really so cool!

Celeste I.
25.01.2020, 20:11:51

Seeker29, Great to hear that you find it cool, thank you~

S. N. Nina Arthur
24.01.2020, 09:38:15

wohhh That was great ❤️ love it ❤️

S. N. Nina Arthur
25.01.2020, 02:04:17

Celeste I., ❤️

Sam Holte
20.01.2020, 00:36:28


Celeste I.
19.01.2020, 23:32:57

Sam Holte, Thanks~

Mike Two
21.12.2019, 13:13:26

why can't I ride one in my town?

Mike Two
18.01.2020, 13:26:33

Peter Bishop, I'd love to

11.01.2020, 01:42:44

quite dynamic

Celeste I.
11.01.2020, 04:23:47

Giggi, Glad you consider it as such~

Kessily Brunet
05.01.2020, 00:53:44


Celeste I.
05.01.2020, 07:59:05

Kessily Brunet, Glad you find it that way, thanks!

John Mitchell
04.01.2020, 01:31:42

congrats for your story

Celeste I.
04.01.2020, 02:33:34

John Mitchell, Thank you!

K.R Webber
18.12.2019, 12:42:52

Great story. The dinosaur's entry couldn't have been better. Perfect timing. Sorry that I can't remember his name. I had to push myself for first two chapters but rest went smooth and very interesting. I like the idea that Maggie, Antonio and Tommy have contact with the real world. It adds more interest factor to the story.
Honestly, it felt really great to read last two chapters (3 & 4). You have also worked hard in minimizing exposition.
Overall, so far so good.
Thumbs up from me.

Celeste I.
18.12.2019, 21:05:17

K.R Webber, Hey, the thing is, I wanted to set up the story before we got to the good stuff, but I guess I didn't do an excellent job on the execution there. Sorry for making it hard for you to read at the start.

Glad you're finding it interesting now, hopefully, you can find the rest just as exciting too. I'm also relieved I did a good job of handling the exposition and characters so far.

I also chose to add the contact parts to make the story more intriguing, so I'm thrilled I've succeeded in that part to far.

Sorry for the repetitiveness; I'm happy to hear you like the story so far, in spite of the first two chapters.

Dennis Norman
15.12.2019, 20:42:44

good story, it entertains me

Celeste I.
18.12.2019, 20:58:52

Dennis Norman, Glad you find it entertaining~

Douglass Millsap
14.12.2019, 13:59:00

keep it up

Celeste I.
14.12.2019, 23:02:18

Douglass Millsap, Thanks, I'll do my best!

Lawrence Frost
01.12.2019, 19:36:49

oh, it's a dinosaur there :D

Celeste I.
01.12.2019, 21:56:04

Lawrence Frost, Yep, there sure is~

Eric Phillips
30.11.2019, 00:49:20

nice to read you

Celeste I.
30.11.2019, 02:32:26

Eric Phillips, Nice to hear that~

Mike Two
27.11.2019, 18:52:01

waiting for updates of this story

Celeste I.
28.11.2019, 01:02:48

Mike Two, Cool, the next update should be up in about two-three days. I'm hoping the updates will stay consistently weekly from here out.

Angel Lederhouse
24.11.2019, 00:49:45

can you publish more?

Celeste I.
24.11.2019, 23:19:00

Angel Lederhouse, Great to hear, hope you like it so far! I'm going to see if I update weekly (some days may fluctuate though)~

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