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The last Guardian of Humanity

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Story about:lovehaterelationship, royal family, rebirth

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#45 in Romantic fantasy
#96 in Fantasy

Ongoing: 17 May 88 pages

Publication: 08.05.2022 — ...

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Description of book "The last Guardian of Humanity"

800,000 years ago Earth was being defeated by the people of the underworld in battle.
Some of the humans were taken as slaves and were mated with which led to the discovery of how pure their genes were and how it makes their eternal posterity un aging. So every millennium as an exchange for Earth's freedom, the male of mating age was free to pick a woman from earth, who was free to come back once they are done birthing a child.
Nobody knew what the underworld people look like because none of the women who left ever came back.
Kimberly Clarkson had heard the little myth that made her curious 6 years old eyes widened, the thought of another world fascinating her but now, whenever she remembered the little tale no one could prove exists she Scoffs, knowing better.


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