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Book. "The Last Royalblood" read online

The Last Royalblood

Laura Williams

Story about:mystery, werewolf, tragic love story

87 4338

#678 in Paranormal Romance
#2060 in Fantasy

On Hold: 18 Jun 160 pages

Publication: 20.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Last Royalblood"

His damp hair fell over his eyes, covering his forehead and giving off a dark aura as he stared into her eyes, "You don't need to be sorry, sweetheart."

"W-What are you doing?" Was all she could muster as she searched for an answer in those dark orbs, filled with a depth she couldn't decipher, yet couldn't hold herself from getting lost more into his darkness. She began loving his darkness.

"I know you feel it too." He whispered, pulling her closer by the waist, allowing their foreheads to touch softly and lips an inch away. She could smell the strong scent of his shampoo as he just came out of the shower and their close proximity was killing her, her heart pacing rapidly as she stared into the darkness of his eyes, a feeling she couldn't comprehend. "You can't deny it."


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26.05.2021, 09:42:33

you are awesome author...I love your already in love with Thomas ans Blake!!!!
keep writing and Stay Safe

Laura Williams
26.05.2021, 11:35:07

DreamerM, that means a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying my books :)

Angela Agreste
08.05.2021, 10:25:47

Update fast plss..

Angela Agreste
09.05.2021, 20:47:21

Laura Williams, Ohk no problem

Prncss Sophie
05.04.2021, 05:56:55

Oh mine!! Did blake transform into wolf?

Prncss Sophie
02.04.2021, 14:13:01

Curious to know whts gnna happen nxt!!
Plz update author!!

Prncss Sophie
04.04.2021, 13:26:06

Laura Williams, Thank you author!

Not In Use
21.03.2021, 13:51:30

Wow, I like the new cover!

Laura Williams
22.03.2021, 12:55:46

Viola Vonburg, I'm glad! :)

Chanderika Sharma
25.01.2021, 17:39:48

Story seems interesting ...

Laura Williams
26.01.2021, 09:46:09

Chanderika Sharma, Thank you❤

Not In Use
23.01.2021, 21:37:11

I'd like to know if she gets her wolf back, or if its gone for good

Not In Use
24.01.2021, 10:33:16

Laura Williams, Ok thanks

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