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The Last Werewolf


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Ongoing: 14 Feb 19 pages

Publication: 26.01.2021 — ...
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "The Last Werewolf"

Lena is a well-known surgical oncologist in their town and promised herself that her first love will be the one who she'll marry. Lena grew up to be an intelligent but moody lady, she and her team are on a mission to rescue people in a faraway town because of the rumors that a werewolf attacked them and went missing. She'll be able to find the secret of the forest and meet Max who'll she accidentally fell in love with, a werewolf, who had connections with the girl who cursed her mother.

Lena promised Max that once everything is fine, they'll get married.

Will Lena, still love and accept Max when she'll learn the truth about him?

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