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The Life That Should Not Have Been

The Life That Should Not Have Been

Story about:fantasy, adventure, drama

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#333 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 05 Mar 53 pages

Publication: 05.03.2020 — ...

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Description of book "The Life That Should Not Have Been"

Our two orphaned heroes, Dante and Bethany, searches for a place to belong in this fantasy adventure. Things are not so simple, however, as they are drawn into an increasingly larger world, with ever-growing complications, as well as century-old threats. In this organic experience, we see our heroes, as well as their friends, grow, change, and deal with experiences and exchanges that grow and grow until it reaches a global, cross-species scale, as a foe to all makes his ever-increasing presence known, and extends his reach and influence to levels that threaten the entire world, and perhaps beyond.
From grey, old orphanage wallpaper, crisp, clean forests, to fantastic, elven, mountain-side villages, join our heroes as they go through the, very emotional, life which should not have been.


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Cira Shalash
12.03.2020, 14:48:08

Please dont stop

08.03.2020, 00:56:30


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