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The Line of Life & Death

Laura Williams

Story about:thriller romance, romance action mystery, love

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#152 in Contemporary Romance
#24 in Suspense

Ongoing: 24 Jan 35 pages

Publication: 04.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Line of Life & Death "

Jacqueline Ross, a gang leader and the ruler of underground drug deals and weapons. An arrogant, fierce and a beautiful young lady known as the Devil queen, who despises being betrayed and lied. But she has a dark past that no one knows. A past that haunts her every night.

Daniel Jefferson, a handsome 5th year senior student who'll be graduating soon, but not before things take a bad turn and he has to face the Devil queen, Jacqueline Ross. But what if he takes the wrong step by falling for her?

How will these two end? Will situations drift them apart? Read the story to find out.

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Honey princy 18.01.2021, 08:56:50

I really liked your novel.... For the first time in this app I was seeing a strong and powerful female protagonist instead of those dumb weaklings.... Waiting for the next update

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Laura Williams 18.01.2021, 11:26:58

Honey princy, I'm glad you liked it so far❤

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