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The Little Is Much

Earnest Writes Publishing

Series: Poetry Anthologies

Story about:
mental health, mental illness, mentaldisorders


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Publication: 22.05.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Little Is Much "

The little is Much is an anthology of poems centred on mental health, a dose of kindness and infused with the need to believe in yourself.

The poems are filled with heavy dosages of love, inspiration, peace and serenity. We want to let you know that you are loved, no matter who you are or what you are going through.

Your world may be rough but we believe that kindness matters and this is one way we want to extend this kindness to you. We may not be able to hold your hands, but let the poems here soothe your heart.

The poems in this book can be the light in your darkness, the peace in your storm. They can be the friend you never had, The vote of confidence you never got.

Indeed, so little can give so much.

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