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The love of a villain

Riya Das

Story about:love, mafia billionaire, love triangle

Age restriction: 18+

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#6049 in Romance
#1970 in Billionaires

On Hold: 26 Nov 14 pages

Publication: 23.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "The love of a villain"

"The sunset looks like your eyes..." he whispered close to my ears, purposefully letting his lips graze softly against my lobe. I tangled my fingers among his long ones in response. The sunset which was before us was beautiful, to say the least. The fabric of my dress lifted effortlessly up my thigh as his hands slid up and down it. All was perfect.

From a diligent student to falling madly in love with a mafia billionaire, Emery's life took a wild turn. She has to choose between the good boy, Jack Wilson and the rogue, flirty billionaire who also happens to have a gun, Edward Chance. How did a nice girl as her get roped into the inner workings of the infamous Chance Empire? When she gets into trouble, who comes to save her? And from whom? Let's find out.


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