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The Lovers

Heena Kundra

Story about:lovers, truelove, societal truth

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#61 in Contemporary Romance
#5 in Crime fiction

Ongoing: 25 Feb 27 pages

Publication: 19.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Lovers"

Piya is a naive, spear and bold girl but only in the outside world, and in home she doesn't even raises her eyes at anyone.
After the parents pass away, when she stays at her maternal aunt's house, she does not get the love that her parents used to give. Only her friend understood him in such a world.
An incident, because of that everyone refuses to accept her, but only Sanam holds her hand.
Know this story which brings out the true face of society.

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Nahid Sheikh 23.02.2021, 13:33:01

Hello dear writer I didn't get a first 2-3 paragraphs... I mean after receiving call from some female, scene suddenly got changed where he met lil bit confused coz that scene seems incomplete...

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Heena Kundra 23.02.2021, 15:30:09

Nahid Sheikh, Yeah, you're getting right! I directly changed the scene to night after he done visiting to that woman.

Nahid Sheikh 22.02.2021, 16:04:45

is this meme real or made by u for story??? seriously one of the most disgusting meme I hv ever seen

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Heena Kundra 22.02.2021, 16:36:09

Nahid Sheikh, It's really real! And one of my Facebook friends sent this meme to me and then mostly memers reacted for it. It was really popular among Facebook memers and nobody was going against it, even girls were reacting for it.

Henna 22.02.2021, 08:50:23

oh seriously, you don't like that meme?

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Henna 22.02.2021, 08:53:12

Heena Kundra, ok, ok. I understand Ms Revolutionary!

Nahid Sheikh 20.02.2021, 14:45:05

hey interesting story but why did u remove ur previous stories ???

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Nahid Sheikh 21.02.2021, 14:59:12

Heena Kundra, Ohhhh :)

Harmeet Kaur 21.02.2021, 08:23:14

Hey , realy nice book cover .

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Heena Kundra 21.02.2021, 14:21:50

Harmeet Kaur, Thanks! All I need is your support only✿

Nahid Sheikh 20.02.2021, 21:49:03

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Nahid Sheikh 20.02.2021, 21:48:32

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