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The Lycan's Bride


Story about:werewolf, romantic fantasy, mate human forced

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Ongoing: 09 May 15 pages

Publication: 26.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Lycan's Bride "

Her eyes were covered and her hands were bind and she was pushed somewhere- seemingly a room. It was silent and she could hear her ragged breaths. She was not alone and she could feel their piercing gaze prickling into her skin. She could feel someone moving around- around her. Like she was a prey. Her breathing stilled and she soon realised the sound of the ragged breaths wasn't hers.
And it soon turned into animalistic growls- and the growls soon formed words and they said- "mine"
Every 5 years, when the blood moon rises one virgin women is summoned through a blood ritual and is offered to the cursed Lycan prince of the fallen empire of Walesk, who is yet to find his mate. But it won't be that easy- because the lycan prince is locked and an imposter sat on the throne.


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Anju Sharma
10.05.2022, 19:30:05

woh damn mystery looking forward for the update........

30.04.2022, 23:45:09

Regular updates please

Kerstin Gordzielik
30.04.2022, 22:43:09

im so happy to see that you are writing again *.*

30.04.2022, 22:46:05

Kerstin Gordzielik, tysm T-T good to be back. After I finish this hopefully I'll go back to Seducing the vampire lord :(

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