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The Mafia's Surrogate


Story about:pregnancy, mafia king, dark love

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#1 in Romantic suspense
#8 in Romance

Ongoing: 21 Jun 100 pages

Publication: 13.05.2021 — ...

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Description of book "The Mafia's Surrogate "

Chase Morgan: The cruel, vicious ruthless 29 year old Mobboss of Ndranghata, ruling over the European underworld with an iron fist resolution, the Capo di tutti capi. There's no place for a woman in his life, except for the one he is looking for, someone who can carry his baby beause he needs an heir desperately.

Sarah Wilson : The gullible kindhearted 20 year old daughter of Robert Wilson, a spy working for the government. Loosing her mother at the tender age of 3 made her extra sensitive. She is the apple of her father's eyes.

What happens when Sarah gets kidnapped and Chase finds her as perfect to carry his baby?

As time passes secrets are revealed and enemies spread their claws to harm the King. Will the baby change their lives for good or will it shatter them beyond repair?


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