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Book. "The Mafia's Virago" read online

The Mafia's Virago

Anam Maan

Story about:virago, mafia, mafia romance

Age restriction: 18+

31 189

#278 in Inspiration romance
#986 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 26 Dec 15 pages

Publication: 26.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Mafia's Virago"

"DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO ME IN THE SAME MANNER!" I shouted at her face coldly and I could see tears forming in her eyes but in a split second, she rolled my hand which was holding her chin, and turned me gripping my neck. Not giving me a chance to respond.
"If you ever try this again or even touch me, I am gonna cut your balls off so you won't be able to fuck those whores!"
Ava's not like any other girl letting anyone control her life. Arthur on the other hand is the coolest mafia leader who fell in love with her. A lot of misunderstandings came in their way but will Ava forgive Arthur and love him back? Will she be able to endure Mafia's life? Will she be able to become the strong girl her parents wanted her to be? Let's find out in the story...

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Jessie Michael
03.01.2021, 05:26:03

updated plsss

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