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Ongoing: 16 May 37 pages

Publication: 05.04.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

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Description of book "The Marked One"

Eighteen-year-old Rue Baker doesn't like werewolves. Matter of fact, she loathes werewolves. But on the night of a full moon, she ventured into the woods and stumbled upon a werewolf. The werewolf wasn't just any werewolf – it was an alpha werewolf. The werewolf marks her as his mate. Now, marked to the one creature she hates, she finds out that her mate knows more about her past than he lets on.

Will this strengthen or break the forming bond between her and her mate?


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Amie Smith
08.05.2022, 18:13:07

I’m in the middle of writing my first book and I wanted to stop by and tell you that you idea and writing for this book is amazing!!

08.05.2022, 19:01:02

Amie Smith, Thank you so much

Amie Smith
25.04.2022, 13:49:28

When do the chapters come out??

Amie Smith
07.05.2022, 03:48:20

Yay!! Thank you so much!! This book caught my eye the moment I read the first chapter!!!!?

Amanda Silumko
07.04.2022, 21:35:29

This was a really good first chapter. It really pulls you in.

09.04.2022, 21:12:15

Amanda Silumko, thank you so much.

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