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The Masked Caper

A story for everyone

Series: The Squadron

Story about:magic, redemption

26 409

#301 in Dark fantasy
#86 in Epic fantasy

Complete 15 pages

Publication: 30.03.2020 — 05.04.2020

Description of book "The Masked Caper"

A man of war has to find peace with what he's done in order to move forward into the future will he achieve redemption or will his sins never be forgiven.

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10.04.2020, 15:40:46

Just a little tip, make sure you place speech on a new line, like it is in a book that way it is easier for the reader to read as it is then clear who is what :)

14.04.2020, 06:30:12

A story for everyone, You're welcome ^_^

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