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The Moonlight Smile That Stole My Heart

Kushal Singh

Story about:romance, romance and friendship, love and trust

19 275

#479 in Romantic suspense
#3327 in Romance

On Hold: 13 Jun 8 pages

Publication: 18.05.2021 — ...

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Description of book "The Moonlight Smile That Stole My Heart"

A love story of a young writer is a very suspicious one. Like a writer, the story is also enclosed in a book which is written by the narrator's owner. The narrator of the story is Aditya's pen which remains hanging in his collar. Aditya is a young unsuccessful writer, but success came in life later, becoming the bestselling author of his love novel which is nothing but his own true story. Can Aditya complete his incomplete love story with Ahana? Earlier time took them close to each other but before they could confess anything, time took them apart. Read on to find out the journey of this untold love story, how time took them away from each other, and whether it gets to its perfect end?


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