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Book. "The murderer's lies" read online
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#47 in Thrillers & Suspense
#103 in Romantic suspense

Ongoing: 15 Mar 43 pages

Publication: 21.02.2023 — ...

Description of book "The murderer's lies"

In a world where trust is hard to come by, Hamza and Hasna find themselves intertwined in a dangerous game of love and betrayal. Hamza, a wealthy and mysterious businessman, offers to help Hasna, a convicted murderer, start a new life with him. But as their relationship deepens, Hasna begins to suspect that Hamza is hiding dark secrets and may not be the savior he claims to be. With danger lurking around every corner, Hasna must decide whether to trust her heart or risk everything to uncover the truth about the man she loves?


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Ansara Khan
17.03.2023, 19:54:48

ohh author the update was so beautiful so... idk what to say this this is the halal love I'm waiting for and you really did describe it, so many feelings and emotions in words just like that as if it was the most normal thing and it was not and mention of Quran verse ohh may Allah swt bless you, jazakallahu khairan your work can change the thinking of so many people out there and just love and dua from my side to you

Ansara Khan
18.03.2023, 09:01:43

Farzana Tutul, you're always welcome author ^_^

Ansara Khan
11.03.2023, 21:34:28

keep going lovely author!!^_^

Ansara Khan
01.03.2023, 21:13:49

Wait what?? there are two Hasna's then how come this Hasna the one who came out of prison doesn't remember Hamza... it is twins thing isn't it or maybe Hasna just has a lookalike and that killer Hasna knew that there is a girl who looks exactly like her so she decided to keep her name Hasna too... may whatever it be loving the story keep going author!! ^_^

Ansara Khan
24.02.2023, 09:46:42

she didn't killed those seven men then who did ?? and how does Hamza know that?? ohh so many questions... need more of this story !!

Ansara Khan
23.02.2023, 18:35:50

heyy author love the book but the 2nd and 3rd chapter are exactly the same... like the titles are different but after that everything is the same so just check that once and rest so far so good wanna know more about hasna so keep going keep writing author!!^_^

Ansara Khan
24.02.2023, 08:34:51

Farzana Tutul, you're welcome always author and thanks for update !

Hanna Suzy
21.02.2023, 18:57:20

welcome back author

21.02.2023, 17:24:16

congratulations dear on your new book!
the description looks promising!

21.02.2023, 17:20:20

where are your other book s

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