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Book. "The Mysterious Cheerleader (she's a serial killer )" read online

The Mysterious Cheerleader (she's a serial killer )


Story about:college, mystery thriller, mystery suspense thriller

10 192

#89 in Romantic mystery
#114 in Suspense

On Hold: 15 Jun 20 pages

Publication: 10.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Mysterious Cheerleader (she's a serial killer )"

The unknown serial killer has turned up all over mountain high college and student and teachers in a panic State. Dead bodies discovered sometimes two or three times in a week in the school.
An 18 yrs old spoilt lady Linnea smoke is the only daughter of a rich man Mr smoke. Her mother died shortly after her birth leaving her father to spoil her with his riches.
Linnea smoke has a class, a very high one at that. She felt she was perfect. She had a perfect boyfriend, a perfect Dad, a perfect friends but then perfection doesn't always last as she crossed path with her father's worker who happens to attend the same college with her.
Meet Amir Scott. He's the only son of his mother, lost his father in a car accident.
Amir Scott is from an average family but what happens when these two cross

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10.06.2022, 19:44:09

very interesting. I think it's luci or gemma. I should be able to guess in further chapters. love it. please check out my book dangerous attractions mystery too although not mysterious as yours

10.06.2022, 22:09:29

Gonefa, pls will there be regular updates, thank you for liking my book

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