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The Mystery Girl and Insecure Boy

J.K. Morgan

Story about:popular, cartel, teenromance

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Complete 228 pages

Publication: 17.02.2019 — 17.02.2019
Contests: Small Towns Big Stories

Description of book "The Mystery Girl and Insecure Boy"

For Lukas, girls approach him, talk to him, but they never succeed in getting with him. Even the prettiest girls have tried and failed. Everyone thinks he's playing hard to get but on the inside, he's insecure, like very insecure.

On the other hand, the world has always been unfair to Bo. She ultimately was able to score one friend in high school and it's always been the same every day. Her supposed "best friend" knows nothing about her, not even her phone number. Somehow, the girl has always remained a mystery.

The lives of the both of them are similar but different in every way possible. The two did have happiness once, but they lost it in the blink of an eye.

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Jessica Rielly 20.08.2020, 10:47:27

are u kidding me !??! - where is book 2 - is there gonna be a book 2 - I'm dying here

Tanisha Allen 19.08.2020, 06:32:31

Is there going to be a second book?

Leah Collins 05.08.2020, 20:01:35

Is this the end ? Is there a book 2? You really left us in Suspense.......

Emmanuella oye 31.07.2020, 13:17:26

wow is this the end or there's book 2

Shiza Naeem 10.09.2019, 23:04:39

What’s the other name of the book???

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Agiye Alorye 22.07.2020, 01:00:24

please how can I read the full story online, I don't av inkiit app.

Danielle Burgun 17.07.2020, 02:56:01

Is there going to be a book 2? Do they get together??

Richa Monga 12.07.2020, 16:13:39

Hie...i hope this is not the ending....U will upload any other sequel of it...pllease do inform

Fabfle 27.06.2020, 16:38:49

please tell us there is a continuation, please

Fabfle 27.06.2020, 16:35:32

you've got to be kidding, this can't be the ending, is there another book

Adewunmi 23.06.2020, 22:21:00

I swear it a very interesting story. I love everything about how u write. u are amazing

Akriti Dangwal 11.06.2020, 17:52:36

this is a incomplete story...can u plz tell us...if there is second prt of this book

A Durgaprashanti 09.06.2020, 17:11:44

it's a lovely story
and is there any sequel ? if it..then the story will be lovely to read again. ......

Mulan Kakuli 20.05.2020, 23:49:38

I really have enjoyed this book is there a part two

Soniya Patil 11.05.2020, 16:51:56

I really liked d story. The story tells abt hardships, trust, love, heart breaks, support to each other & many more ?

Betha kezimana 07.05.2020, 10:29:13

is this the last?.. it couldn't have ended like that.

Betha kezimana 06.05.2020, 13:07:37

so Adam likes Bo too?

Ashley Lewel 19.02.2019, 14:03:31

will you continue?

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Oseni Ghiazat 16.04.2020, 11:20:57

Thanks for the question and thanks to Zara for leading me to the sequel. Can't wait to start reading. Lovely, beautiful story.

Mira Diamond 26.02.2020, 01:04:18

I so much love it. please don't let it end here. it's amazing

Jovelle Dacawe Alindayo 06.01.2020, 04:43:59

do you tend to continue writing this book?

Okwu Wisdom 28.12.2019, 16:24:46

Wow I love ❤️ this book.
Berry Insightful an interesting

Natasha Panchu 19.12.2019, 04:58:45

love ur book update pls

Catsoline Grace 17.02.2019, 18:50:43

poor child..

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Charles Paulina 19.11.2019, 12:14:46

How can I get the continuation of love hate pls

ZARA 15.11.2019, 07:58:26

Just finished the book, it was simply amazing!

For those looking for the sequel on inkitt, it's "Hope" :)

Emma Williamson 12.07.2019, 20:24:31

What's the Name of the 2nd Book, and when will it be on here?

Prasanjit singh 28.04.2019, 00:41:59

read this one and try to solve the mystery

True Match 21.02.2019, 07:02:52

very nice, hope to read the second part if there is any

The last comment in the thread:

J.K. Morgan 26.02.2019, 15:29:10

True Match, Hopefully it'll be on here within the next few months. I'm currently working on the sequel on different websites and it isn't currently completed.

Sindhuja 19.02.2019, 00:02:27

Is there any second part for this?

The last comment in the thread:

J.K. Morgan 26.02.2019, 15:27:58

Sindhuja, Yup! On either Wattpad or Inkitt. I have yet to publish it here though as it is not complete yet.

Leemzie 23.02.2019, 19:39:43

the book isn't finished yet?

The last comment in the thread:

J.K. Morgan 26.02.2019, 15:27:09

Leemzie, This is the first book of two. I have yet to publish it here because it is not finished but I do have it on other websites such as Wattpad or Inkitt as the unfinished versions.

Linsey Smith 26.02.2019, 12:34:51

that´s so tender

Nina Ainsworth 23.02.2019, 20:52:42

so good

AnnaRCase 20.02.2019, 15:55:41

It drew me in. Cant wait to see where this thing goes.

Heather Navy 20.02.2019, 13:47:21

good one

Linsey Smith 18.02.2019, 12:50:31

life is so unpredictable

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