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Book. "The Official Kiss Contract " read online

The Official Kiss Contract

Elide Lee

Story about:highschoollove, badboyxgoodgirl, lighthearted

Age restriction: 18+

11 176

#188 in New Adult & College
#2502 in Romance

On Hold: 15 Sep 20 pages

Publication: 15.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Official Kiss Contract "

Staring dead into her eyes. His bloodshot eyes made her dizzy. 'Damn it! I shouldn't have slapped him!' She cursed herself under her breath. She regretted doing that. Blinking rapidly she started to look away from him.

Suddenly, he clutched her chin, forcing her to look at him. "You just started it. Now I'll show you what hell looks like." He whispered enough loudly only for her to hear.

Her lips were dangerously close to his. He could have done anything to her in front of the whole class. Given his personality, it was weird that he let her go after she slapped him that hard.


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