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The One I Cannot Have

Ciara Kirk

Story about:crime, one sided love

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#192 in Romance
#26 in Romantic suspense

Ongoing: 26 Sep 55 pages

Publication: 01.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "The One I Cannot Have "

Siya, an independent woman suddenly meets her high school crush after 9 years while solving his wife’s case who claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. But siya came to know it was her high school crush Abhimanyu who is the real victim and she couldn't resist and promises him to help him get rid of his wife even after knowing it can risk her job. While the process Siya gets into flashback of her school life when she loved Abhimanyu without him and how their friendship grows. But everything comes with a price. Check out what is waiting for Siya's fate while helping her high school crush and how things ends.


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Huzaifa Abid
24.09.2022, 09:49:52

that is good novile

Ciara Kirk
25.09.2022, 21:51:19

Huzaifa Abid, thank you very much..... keep on reading

Panchami Sk
03.09.2022, 17:34:28

waiting fr next

Ciara Kirk
03.09.2022, 18:28:35

Panchami Sk, Few hours to go....