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Ongoing: 10 Jun 11 pages

Publication: 09.06.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Perfect Plan"

The perfect plan could change everything. . .

Clementine Hudson has always dreamed of owning her own wedding planning company but never got the chance to, after leaving her toxic workplace in LA, she gets a job working as the secretary for her old bosses brother Sebastian Campbell in New York, A year later she returns to LA for her best friend Marleigh Duke's wedding she soon realises that she wants bigger and better things, so Marleigh comes up with the perfect plan on how Clementine can finally start living her dream! by having Clem plan her wedding, and now with enough spare time since talking a month of off work for the wedding, Clem decides to give it a try!


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Dream Soul
14.06.2021, 07:29:20


Rewati Gajbhiye
10.06.2021, 11:51:24

Yay!! The first chapter was so good!!!!

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