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The Playground Rules

Tam V

Story about:romance, best friends to lovers, bet on love

Age restriction: 18+

20 174

#5541 in Romance
#1055 in Erotic

On Hold: 15 May 35 pages

Publication: 09.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Playground Rules"

Skylar's life has always been about order, rules and control. She has never been in a situation where she couldn’t control the outcome. Even if the situation looked dire, she knew how to gain the upper hand.
That was before she made a bet with her best friend, who was also her room mate. Gaining control over the feelings she felt for him was harder than she thought.
Would they end up ruining a friendship that lasted since kindergarten, or will they become more?


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D Sapphire
11.02.2021, 05:23:25

no updates no after take me home ಠಗಠ

Tam V
12.02.2021, 22:22:34

D Sapphire, You go to your book, then right at the top left corner next to the cover of your story there's a small grey block. Click on the pencil icon.
Then you go to the 'content tab' and click on the 'add text'.
When you are done typing, go to the bottom and select 'publish now' the 'save.'

D Sapphire
01.12.2020, 06:30:30

Hey waiting for the updates⊙﹏⊙

Tam V
10.02.2021, 23:23:20

Kavita Yenurkar, I have just updated a few more chapters!
Hope you enjoy them?

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