Book. "The Pleasant Death Of Mallory Peeps" read online

The Pleasant Death Of Mallory Peeps

Jac A Cameron

Story about:ghosts, spirits, dark mystery

Age restriction: 18+

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#115 in Paranormal
#340 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 31 Dec 2 pages

Publication: 25.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Pleasant Death Of Mallory Peeps"

A small girl wakes in a damp, cold forest. Her mind empty, no memory of her past, herself, all for except a name; Mallory Peeps. Mallory knows nothing of the forest, nor of what the creatures that lurk in the shadows. It wasn't until she bumped into the devilishly Clever hobgoblin, Robin Goodfellow, that her story finally began to make sense.

However, Robin seemed to a witty and friendly soul, despite the hind legs and hooves, with an strange obsession with cooking. Mallory will soon learn the forest really know more than it first appears. Only fate will decided whether he reveal or protect her from what lies ahead.


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