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The power of Love

Sumaiya Qamar

Story about:loyal lover, stubborn girl, blood war

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On Hold: 04 Oct 47 pages

Publication: 21.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "The power of Love "

A story between a Muslim true lover name ADAM who is a doctor by profession falls in love with a very stubborn Muslim girl named JULIA. The most hatred thing for her is to get in relationship with opposite gender especially the billionaire. The story take place in FINLAND. Due to some bad experience in her past, she is facing a physiological issue. Without having a true and loyal friend in her life, she always doubted every person loyalty and sincere feeling. As far as concerning with ADAM , she never admit him as her better half. For the sake of checking the fidelity of ADAM, she impose several demands on him. ADAM try to convince her but all in vain. The full filling of JULIA demand made ADAM almost touching the DEATH, BUT
ALL IS WELL WHEN ENDS WELL. Finally ADAM wins her hearts

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