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The Prince and The Witch: A Divergent Fairy Tale


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Publication: 11.03.2019 — 11.03.2019

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Once upon a time a handsome prince fell in love with a brave trainee. He was her instructor, but wanted to marry her. When dark forces threatened to destroy the land, the prince fought to protect his lady, but the lady didn't need protection. She was a soldier. She was a heroine.

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Christina john 27.03.2019, 11:26:34

i wonder if this is an original story of the movie named divergent.... lov it anyway

Mark Pearson 12.03.2019, 12:39:35

are you keen on divergent series?

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cloakseeker 20.03.2019, 14:04:00

Mark Pearson, I loved it. Actually, still do, but the ending was very disappointing.

Andrew Nobriga 20.03.2019, 13:12:15

fantastic, I´ve enjoyed it

Ashley Lewel 19.03.2019, 13:33:25


Kerry Ward 17.03.2019, 12:54:24

good story

Linsey Smith 16.03.2019, 14:18:33

I´m enjoying it

Nina Ainsworth 14.03.2019, 12:26:57

very unexpected

Mike Two 13.03.2019, 13:20:26


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