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Publication: 09.07.2019 — 23.11.2019

Description of book "The Prophecy"

About a man who can see future through dreams. A group offers to interpret his vague dreams.
And the trouble begins...

Cover Illustration by: Shreejan Rijal


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Kim Miller
18.01.2020, 00:31:19

I've enjoyed it

K.R Webber
18.01.2020, 03:33:16

Kim Miller, Thank you very much. Really delighted that you enjoyed my story

07.08.2019, 12:59:39

Started reading it, loved it, will continue reading it further

07.08.2019, 14:59:31

K.R Webber, Yes I love reading I will check all of them

05.08.2019, 15:27:51

I have started reading this story but had to stop for a bit. I will return to it though because I want to find out what happens. I love the idea and it makes me think of XFiles or something like that. Liked and will put it in my library.

K.R Webber
05.08.2019, 15:35:27

HypGothic, Thank you very much mate. Your feedbacks are always welcomed.

Celeste I.
02.08.2019, 06:15:01

Well, I got to say, I like the premise of the story, and the mystery and suspense behind it were well done too. I also like how you didn't make those guys behind the survey the bad guys, as I felt that would've been too obvious. However, grammar and punctuation could use some work, and I was a little saddened by the ending. Although I'm not familiar with the suspense genre, so I don't think it's possible for happy endings there. You did well all in all though, good job~

K.R Webber
02.08.2019, 06:36:56

Celeste I., I really appreciate your response mate. Thank you for reading my book. If you want then you can check out my other books as well.

Roza Csergo
18.07.2019, 17:12:58

I'm interested to see the direction this story takes.
Added it to my library and followed you.
Would be nice if you'd follow back. I'd love to connect.

K.R Webber
19.07.2019, 05:24:40

I am planning for a continuation story for this. I will follow u. And thank you for positive response.

Douglass Millsap
15.07.2019, 15:47:44

will you update soon?

K.R Webber
15.07.2019, 16:49:56

you can follow me for further updates. I have a bunch of supernatural stories right now.

Mark Timber
14.07.2019, 16:57:00

It has a good background

K.R Webber
15.07.2019, 08:00:29

Mark Timber, Thank you very much