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The Proposal

Isha Jain

Story about:humor, billionaire, billionaireromance

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#86 in Billionaires
#6 in ChickLit

Complete 137 pages

Publication: 18.12.2020 — 29.01.2021
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "The Proposal"

Known as the power couple in their college days, Eden and Nicholas set relationship goals for the whole world. When life separated them bitterly, they knew they had no choice but to move on from their two years of bliss.
Eden created her company from ground up. After four years, she is the best in her field. She knows better than messing with the wealthy. Unfortunately, her employees do not.
When the billionaire Nicholas Lombardi is standing in her office, Eden has no choice but to accept his proposal or risk losing her company.
Now forced to work together on the project with him, that includes going on a 67 days trip around the world in 12 different cities, she knows the past will be brought up.
Will their present commitments stop them or will it be their fear of losing each other again?


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