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Book. "The Queen Who Ruled Her Way " read online

The Queen Who Ruled Her Way


Story about:historical, historical fantasy, queens and kings

89 1358

#6 in Action thriller
#12 in Historical Romance

Ongoing: 30 Nov 121 pages

Publication: 10.11.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Queen Who Ruled Her Way "

"Ouch! You just bloody broke my nose."

"Sorry I missed my shot, I was planning on breaking your face."

Once upon a time, Lyssa Clay was a sweet and dutiful princess of Fantasia with the heart of gold, that was until hate, rage, and thirst for revenge darkened her soul and set her on a path of destructon.

Bronte is a prince who had a dual lifestyle. Prince by day, maid at night in order to escape his over-demanding father. Lyssa uniqueness piqued his interest and he found himself leaning towards her.

Lyssa found his sense of humor a quality trait, she begins to enjoy his company. All is going well until Bronte is forced to reveal his true identity as a prince to Lyssa.

Lyssa having been offended by his devil incarnate of a brother, Aryln couldn't resist the urge to punch him for


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Nishmitha Anchan
01.12.2022, 17:15:43

god so much at once. it's ok girl, take time, we cab wait! I am very excited now after knowing the truth

Nishmitha Anchan
28.11.2022, 19:13:09

lovely update.

Nishmitha Anchan
26.11.2022, 04:28:03

oh god! a child. This is going to change her life. nice update

Nishmitha Anchan
24.11.2022, 17:19:57

dear am not clear with what happened after that guard ripped her dress. Is that not revealed or please guide me

Nishmitha Anchan
25.11.2022, 03:30:06

Asmauusman, oh ok thank you

Nishmitha Anchan
24.11.2022, 16:13:43

very good plot. just loved it. when I began reading it, I didn't feel like it was a just a normal story. wonderful. the sentences which you have used to make this story are so strong and captivating that I got totally into it. All the best dear one

Nishmitha Anchan
24.11.2022, 15:37:56

Asmauusman, :)

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