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The reflection of your soul


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Description of book "The reflection of your soul"

Alexander Campbell Smith: He is a man who has always had everything he wants. Nothing more than the only thing that interests him is to increase his fortune, but above all he is a billionaire, because he belongs to one of the most powerful families in the country, he is also the president of his family's company and what he least interests him is fell in love.

Camila Johnson Davies: is a girl who has no physical beauty. Only her reflection was not lying to her, nothing more than that she had to accept her reality, because she could do nothing to change her appearance and the man who loved her would have to accept her as she was.

Two completely different souls who will learn that all they need in life is to live to love each other.

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A Durgaprashanti 28.09.2020, 16:33:21

it's my first time reading this type of story , and it is amazing way showing each character description. .....:-),and waiting for the update. ....

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Anfitrite 28.09.2020, 18:58:07

A Durgaprashanti, Thank you very much

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